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“Travis Breckon has over 25 years experience with synthetic lubricants and motor oil. He is a United States Army veteran and spent almost 30 years in law enforcement. Travis can offer assistance in selecting the correct synthetic lubricant motor oil for any of you needs- Diesel, automotive, off road ATV’s, motor cycle and boating. Amsoil grease is made to meet and exceed all automotive and industrial needs.
Amsoil is well known for increasing vehicle fuel mileage and extend oil changes. Amsoil Signature Series oils are recommended to go 25,000 or 1 year between oil changes. Fewer oil changes saves money!”

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Given our now half century existence and as the well-documented “First is Synthetics” AMSOIL products/lubricants may be used in any of the below-named MFGs or applications:

Do use our online Application guide, if not clear, call us directly, or leave an email.  

It’s always important to “Measure twice, cut once”
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