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Long Haul Truck Still Running and Working After 2 Million Miles Using Amsoil Lubricants

Jerry Pruitt bought a new Kenworth in 1999 and installed AMSOIL lubricants the truck. This included AMSOIL 15-40 heavy duty Diesel Marine and an Amsoil, “dual guard filtration system” which allows him to change the oil every 100,000 miles and saves him a significant amount of money. He also uses Amsoil SAE 90 in the differentials and Amsoil, “DOMINATOR 60 synthetic Racing Oil” in the transmission, which he said has probably been in there for over 600,000 miles! Many people shake their heads in disbelief when he tells them how many miles is on the truck.
Pruett is now working to see if the truck will make three (3) million miles using AMSOIL products. Read More about Jerry Pruitt and his 2 million mile story here.