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Toyota ‘Workhorse’ Clocks More Than 500,000 Miles

Brock Fraser of Las Vegas, NV, a Preferred customer has almost 600,000 miles on his 1998 Toyota Tacoma using AMSOIL products! Brock makes frequent trips between LA and Phoenix totaling 600 miles round trip each. He learned about AMSOIL from a friend and after researching the product started using it over 15 years ago. He changes his oil every 25,000 miles with change of filter at 8,300 and 16,700 and tops it off. He services the transmission and differential every 100,000 miles with AMSOIL 80-90 Synthetic gear lube. The bottom pan and heads have NEVER been removed and he passes smog every year. He also uses AMSOIL products in his 86 Mercedes and 2002 Toyota 4Ruunner. Read more about Brock Fraser’s products here.