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Timberline Landscaping Relies on AMSOIL Products for Reduced Downtime

Timberline Landscaping Company has doubled the lifespan of their Equipment by using AMSOIL products.

Owner Tim Emick says they have increased the lifespan of their mowers from 3-4 years to 6-7 years by using AMOIL lubricants. When they are done with them, they are then able to sell them for 2/3 of their original costs if they’re still in good condition. They have also had similar success with their work trucks. Since using Amsoil they have been able to keep them for 8-13 years instead of the standard, 4 years. Amsoil has saved the company a lot of money due to less down time for maintenance and equipment repair. Emick encourages other professionals and commercial companies to switch to AMSOIL products for their equipment and vehicles. He believes AMSOIL has significantly saved the company money, down time due to maintenance and extends the life of vehicles and equipment! To learn more about the benefits of AMSOIL products, click here.